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A Root Canal Made Easy by an Expert Dental Team

The notion of a root canal is an intimidating prospect for a great many dental patients, and is a procedure that is a common source of dental anxiety. Despite any prevailing negative stigmas, it’s an operation that is often necessary to prevent further tooth decay and infection, and is also one that is also performed painlessly by an experienced root canal dentist like our highly experienced team at Kern Dental Specialists. With our modern, state of the art facilities, highly trained professionals, and outstanding treatment options, we’re able to provide an ideal dentistry experience that minimizes any stress or discomfort making us a popular choice for anyone looking for a dentist in Bakersfield.

If you’re experience continuous, spontaneous, tooth pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold, tooth discoloration, or swelling, your teeth are likely suffering from pulp damage, and may require endodontic treatment. Dental pulp, located under the white enamel of the tooth, contains the sensitive blood vessels and nerves that require the precision and expertise of a specialized endodontist to navigate and repair. As a top endodontist in Bakersfield, we have the skill and experience to painlessly perform this procedure with maximum skill.

After an average appointment time of 30-90 minutes, most patients under our care will complete their procedures and receive an emergency phone number in the rare event of any lingering issues. Patients who receive our expert care report feeling no pain throughout the process. Don’t risk developing periodontal and worsening dental conditions. Our experts are standing by to deliver the stress-free care you need to alleviate your symptoms.