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Dr. Harry Malhotra

BDS Royal London Hospital 1991.

DDS University Of Southern California 1996.

CAGS Endodontics, Boston University 2000.

Dr Harry Malhotra was born and raised in London, UK. He attended dental school at The Royal London Hospital, graduating with a BDS in 1991. In 1994, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he attended University Of Southern California Dental School, graduating with a DDS (with OKU honors) in 1996.

After spending 2 years practicing restorative dentistry, he went on to do his post graduate training in Endodonitics (specializing in root canals), graduating with a CAGS (Certificate of Advanced General Specialty in Endodontics) in 2000.

Dr Malhotra is the founder of Kern Dental Specialties. Apart from treating thousands of patients in Kern County, he has treated many of the top dentists in Bakersfield. He is very experienced in non surgical root canals, retreatment cases, surgical root canals (apicoectomy), management of trauma, and miscellaneous advanced root canal procedures.

He has lectured both in the US, and overseas in Europe, on topics such as,

  • Diagnosis of endodontic and facial pain.
  • Painless profound anesthesia techniques.
  • Efficient cleaning and shaping techniques in root canal preparation.

Dr. Harry Malhotra is married, with two young sons, which takes up most of his time outside of work.


Dr. George Bogen

Dr. Bogen gained his DDS degree in 1978 from University Of Southern California. After practicing restorative dentistry for 15 years, he joined the endodontics program, again at University Of Southern California in 1993, qualifying with his CAGS ( Certificate Advanced General Specialty in Endodontics), in 1995. He became Board Certified in Endodontics, (Diplomate of the Board of Endodontics) in 2003.

Dr. Bogen is extensively published in peer reviewed journals, and lectures all over the world. Some of his lecture topics include:

  • Restoration of the Endodontically treated tooth
  • Management of trauma, apexogenesis, apexification of teeth with open apices.
  • Management of complex endodontic and retreatment cases.

He practices endodontics by splitting his time between private practice in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, working in the Children's Dental Health Clinic (CDHC) at Miller Children's hospital in Long Beach, California. In his spare time he is an avid fisherman, holding currently over 40 fishing records. Please click HERE for further information on Dr. Bogen.


Dr. James Malouf

Dr. Malouf gained his DDS in 1996 from University Of Southern California. After practicing restorative dentistry in Los Angeles for 8 years, he joined the endontics program at University Of Southern California in 2004, qualifying with his CAGS (Certificate Advanced General Specialty in Endodontics), 2006. He has been in private practice since then, splitting his time between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

In his spare time Dr Malouf enjoys working out and swimming. He is married, and has his hands full, raising two beautiful young daughters.