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Arvin Dentist

Many of us put off trips to the dentist out of fear, and that goes double when we think a root canal may be involved. As an Arvin dentist, we’re doing our part to reverse the trend to get patients through the door, and we know that the best way to do it is with gentle and low stress treatment. As the area's leading endodontists, Kern Dental Specialists is dedicated to the comfort of our patients, and we work hard to provide a warm environment with expert care to alleviate any anxieties a patient may feel.

Our top quality service includes everything from the repair of cracked teeth to dental implant surgery, and we bring the same commitment to our patients' comfort in all of our procedures. In addition to referrals from other dentists and self-referrals, we accept same day emergencies, and offer extended hours to accommodate busy schedules. For residents seeking the kind of dentist Arvin, CA residents trust, Kern Dental Specialists is the go-to choice for quality care and superior comfort.

Gentle Treatment

Kern Dental Specialists is dedicated to providing comfortable, friendly treatment for our patients which may be a surprise, given than we specialize in endodontics. Endodontists focus on dental pulp which is the soft inner tissue of the teeth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Root canal dentistry has built up an unpleasant reputation, but through extensive training in our field, our highly qualified dentists are able to operate with the high level of precision necessary to minimize discomfort while working around delicate nerve endings. When the dental pulp becomes traumatized or infected, the specialized skills of an endodontist are required to carefully repair damage to put a stop to pain. Residents seeking the services of a dentist in Bakersfield choose Kern Dental Specialists for expert care that centers on maximum comfort.

It’s important to us to provide the same level of comfort throughout all of our procedures, including root canals. As a top provider of outstanding Delano dental care, we understand that the idea of a root canal makes patients wary, which is why we may offer to perform the procedure under sedation to remove any potential pain, though most often this is not necessary. Despite any conventional wisdom to the contrary, dental operations like root canals don’t have to be uncomfortable. At Kern Dental Specialists, patients will be able to rest assured that they won’t be, making us one of the top choices for residents seeking a dentist in Arvin, CA.

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To receive more information about Kern Dental Specialists, and how we can provide you a low stress dental experience, call us at (661)578-5468. For a specialized Arvin dentist with the experience and expertise to keep you at ease in the operating chair, call today.