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Dental Implants Bakersfield

Kern Dental Specialties aims to get patients out of pain, whether that means correcting oral defects, periodontal disease or cosmetic problems. To that end, we are proud to offer dental implant surgery to address both the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. The purpose of dental implant surgery is to take the place of a missing or damaged tooth which also contains an artificial tooth root. The implant is held in place by the jaw and functions just as your natural tooth would, or multiple teeth, if you need an implant-supported bridge.

Kern Dental Specialties recommends dental implants because the only alternatives once a tooth has been extracted or falls out is a bridge or removable dentures. Dentures can have an unpleasant sticky adhesive that can be a hassle to deal with, and they need to be removed and cleaned regularly. The benefit to dental implants Bakersfield endodontists place is that the jawbone will not erode due to tooth loss, because part of the function of natural teeth is to support jawbone health. Without teeth, the jawbone loses strength and can significantly weaken. Fortunately, you have a dentist in Bakersfield eager to address your oral health issues so you are pain-free.

Same-Day Dental Emergencies Accommodated

We often handle same-day emergencies, and we are a preferred provider in Bakersfield. Dental implants may not sound like a pleasant endeavor, but Kern Dental Specialties aims to make the process as pain- and stress-free as possible. To that end, we provide sedation dentistry for patients who would rather not be awake during their procedures. We offer root canal treatment and retreatment, as well as apicoectomy and tooth trauma treatment.

If you need to come after work for an appointment, Kern Dental Specialties also offers extended hours so you don't need to take unnecessary time off work.

About Kern Dental Specialties

Often called the "dentist's endodontist," many of Kern Dental Specialties patients are referred to us, and some are even dentists, themselves, who need an endodontist to perform root canal treatment or otherwise need an emergency dentist. Bakersfield, CA is the location of Kern Dental Specialties, and we have been treating satisfied dental patients for over a decade with state-of-the-art tools and modern technology.

Not only do we offer emergency dentistry, we also minimize the stress of dealing with your dental insurance, due to our expertise in handing such insurance issues that may crop up. Patients have a less stressful time dealing with the financial aspects of dealing with Kern Dental Specialties after getting their dental implants in Bakersfield, because we are the most versatile provider at handling and billing your insurance. Senior patients receive a small discount, and patients who pay all fees in advance also receive a small discount.

Call Kern Dental Specialties today to learn more about how we can address your missing, fractured or otherwise defective teeth. You can reach us at (661) 324-7668. Call today!