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Endodontic Experts Must Master Retreatment and Apicoectomy

Many consider endodontists to be simply "root canal dentists". While this is an incredibly valuable and common dental procedure, it is not the entirety of the services an endodontist provides. Kern Dental Specialties is home to an endodontist in Bakersfield, CA who offers a wide-range of dental pulp treatments as well as vital services like oral maxillofacial surgery and emergency dentistry.

Endodontics concerns itself with all aspects of the dental pulp, the sensitive part underneath the tooth responsible for protecting and gauging the health of the teeth. An endodontist like Kern Dental Specialties' Dr. Harry Malhotra must complete at least two years of postgraduate training to become qualified and proficient in treating this delicate tissue. Once completed, however, an endodontist can then perform procedures like root canals, treatments of cracked and traumatized teeth, and much more. Dr. Malhotra, in fact, has an incredible reputation as the endodontist in Bakersfield that talented dentists visit themselves.

It's also necessary that an endodontist is able to provide secondary and sometimes even tertiary treatments following an ineffective root canal. Root canal retreatment from Bakersfield-based Kern Dental Specialties does its best to resolve the issues that occur in about 10% of all root canal treatments. It will most often involve the endodontist removing the previous work, cleaning out the possibly infected area, and then resealing the tooth. Ideally, this would be the last step.

However, in very rare cases an apicoectomy (surgery on the root end) must be performed. This happens when a retreatment doesn't work or is not advised. Nobody looks forward to having one, but it can be a vital procedure for restoring the health and function of the teeth. Dr. Malhotra and his team at Kern Dental Specialties take the utmost care in performing these delicate procedures. Just as importantly, they offer many options for sedation and anesthesia so that the procedure is as stress-free as possible.