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Gentle Treatment from top Dental Team in Bakersfield

When it comes to dental care in the United States, most of us are lacking treatment. According to the CDC, as many as 3 out of 4 of every adult American currently has some form of periodontal disease. Unfortunately, a similarly high percentage of adults also experience fear or anxiety at the dentist office; as high as 70%. At Kern Dental Specialists, we understand the dentist’s office is probably not your favorite place to be. That’s why our highly team is committed to providing gentle dentistry that minimizes any chance of pain, discomfort while maximizing your comfort.

As a top dentist in Bakersfield and the nearby areas, our team of specialists have the skill and the talent to ensure that your next visit to the dentist is a comfortable one. You’ll receive treatment in a warm and friendly environment by a group who places your comfort as their top priority. Despite the negative reputation procedures like root canals receive, the truth is that such operations are regularly performed painlessly, and at Kern Dental Specialists, we have the resources and expertise to do it. Our expertly performed procedures are a big part of why we’re a top root canal dentist in the area.

Our office is able to perform a range of necessary procedures from root canals to crowns and veneers, and we’re also a top choice for anyone looking for Bakersfield dental implants. No matter what your need may be, our team is standing by to deliver you the world class care you deserve.