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IV Sedation Dentistry

IV (intravenous) Dentistry occurs when a drug, usually of the anti-anxiety variety, is administered into the blood system during dental treatment. IV Sedation to perform root procedures is available at Kern Dental Specialties and offered when appropriate.

The medication for IV sedation is delivered through a very small needle placed in the back of your hand or within your inner elbow. IV sedation induces a state of deep relaxation and an ability to undergo complex dental or medical procedures.

While you may technically remain conscious, you may not remember the experience when you're sedated, and you'll likely feel completely unbothered by your usual worries and cares. Because of its effectiveness and rapid effect, many patients and dentists prefer this relaxation option.

Among sedation options, IV is particularly helpful, as it provides optimum control of the amount of medication administered.

Because every patient is different, there is not one set recovery time. However, in most every case, a patient should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after IV sedation.