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Quality Endodontic Treatment from a Team You Trust

In the field of dentistry, highly trained experts like our own Dr. Harry Malhotra are well aware that many potential patients in the United States regularly deal with dental fear and anxiety. In every area of dentistry it’s important to dedicate oneself to patient comfort in order to work around these fears to provide quality care. This is particularly true in the endodontic field, which focuses on the gums and the soft inner tissue of the teeth, both which are quite sensitive. Fortunately, Dr. Malhotra and the highly trained and experienced team at Kern Dental Specialties are completely committed to your comfort, and have the tools, resources, and skill to provide a comfortable experience. As a preferred endodontist in Bakersfield, we stand by our reputation and are proud to offer you an outstanding range of services.

In order to provide quality care to as many patients as possible, our services are varied and include treatment options for a variety of needs including offering topnotch Bakersfield dental implants. Though certain procedures, such as root canals, have a negative reputation in the general public, they can actually be performed painlessly, and here at Kern Dental Specialties, that’s exactly what we’re dedicated to being able to provide. It’s one of the many reasons why we’re a popular center for patients in need of a root canal in Bakersfield. You’ll feel right at home in our facilities, and our staff is committed to your comfort. If you’re looking for the best procedures and the best care, you’ve come to the right place.