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Root Canal Surgery Bakersfield - Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)

What is Endodontic Surgery?

Surgical endodontics or an apicoectomy procedure is usually the last attempt that can be made to save a tooth that would otherwise need an extraction. When certain resistant teeth fail to heal after endodontic therapy (root canal), are difficult to treat nonsurgically, or continuously present symptoms, endodontic surgery is necessary. Clinical studies show root canals are successful approximately 80 to 90 percent of the time, and often higher with an experienced root canal dentist such as those found at Kern Dental Specialties in Bakersfield, CA.

Usually, a tooth that has undergone a root canal surgery can last the rest of your life, and never need further endodontic treatment. However, in a few cases, a tooth may fail to heal. The tooth may become painful or diseased months or even years after successful treatment. If this is true for you, surgery may help save your tooth.

Root canal surgery in Bakersfield with Kern Dental Specialties is necessary if you have had a previous root canal that has become infected again because of a problem near the apex of the root. The apex is the tip or end of each root, and nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth through the apex. An apicoectomy root canal is done only after a tooth has had at least one root canal procedure and a retreatment is not possible or retreatment was unsuccessful.

Is Endodontic Surgery Painful?

Endodontic surgery can be performed under local anesthetics, or sedation, so you are entirely comfortable. If you are looking for a root canal dentist in Bakersfield, Kern Dental Specialties is the best place to call, because we are highly experienced in ensuring that our patients experience minimal, if any, pain during their procedure(s). For post-treatment, you will be prescribed the appropriate pain, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to minimize any pain or discomfort.

Will I be able to drive home after endodontic surgery?

Usually if you had the procedure under local anesthesia, you can drive home. If the procedure was performed under sedation, then you will need someone to drive you home. These issues can be discussed in the office before endodontic surgery is performed.

When can I return to work, or my normal activities?

Most patients return to work or other routine activities the next day. Individual recovery times can be discussed at the appointment.

What are the alternatives to endodontic surgery?

Usually, the only alternative to root canal surgery is extraction of the tooth. Typically, the extracted tooth must then be replaced with an implant, bridge, or removable partial denture to restore chewing function and to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

If the tooth is not replaced after extraction, we have seen the adjacent teeth shift, or the opposing teeth over erupt into the space, which can lead to “bite” and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, which can lead to joint pain and headaches in many cases.

Because tooth replacement procedures require dental implant surgery or dental procedures on adjacent healthy teeth, endodontic surgery is usually the most cost-effective option for maintaining your oral health. No matter how effective modern tooth replacements are - and they can be very effective - generally nothing is as good as a natural tooth.

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