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The Advantage of a Highly Experienced Endodontist

In the field of endodontics, a highly trained dentist specializes in the area of the tooth called the dental pulp which houses the sensitive nerves which can become infected and traumatized due to root-related issues. Cracked, damaged, or missing teeth can worsen and lead to periodontal disease which is why patients experiencing dental pain often require a root canal in Bakersfield or where ever they happen to call home. Such procedures are often intimidating to patients, however, our team here at Kern Dental Specialties has the expertise to perform dental treatments such as these with minimal discomfort for the patient.

As a popular Endodontist in Bakersfield, Dr. Harry Malhotra has the skill and expertise to expertly navigate the sensitive dental pulp with precision and great are to avoid causing his patients pain. Dr. Malhotra, and our entire staff, are also committed to providing warm, friendly, and gentle care in a welcoming environment to each and every one of our patients. We’re well aware of the fact that a significant portion of the population experiences dental fear and anxiety, and we go through great lengths to ensure your comfort. For particularly nervous patients, we also offer sedation dentistry at our state of the art facilities to ensure anyone struggling with dental fear is also able to receive the treatment they need. Kern Dental Specialties also provides Bakersfield dental implants and other services to help cover a full range of treatments for our patient’s convenience. The next time you’re in need of dental treatments, let experience do the talking.