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The Endodontic Care to Send Pain Packing

While the popular media has given some people a negative understanding of the root canal procedure, Dr. Harry Malhotra of Kern Dental Specialties proves with each and every patient that it can be an incredibly effective and pain-saving procedure that can be performed with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. As the endodontist Bakersfield residents have long-trusted for this important procedure, Dr. Malhotra is proud of the work that he and his team are able to accomplish at Kern Dental Specialties, and the increased quality of life patients are able to achieve after a successful procedure.

In fact, Dr. Malhotra’s reputation as a top endodontist is so well-known that he is the dentist in Bakersfield that other dentists turn to when they themselves need a root canal procedure. And, while it is true that the dentists that come to Dr. Malhotra may be able to best appreciate how skilled a endodontist has to be to produce results like he does, all patients knowingly or unknowingly benefit from the incredibly smooth yet meticulous procedure.

At Kern Dental Specialties, Dr. Malhotra is joined by Dr. George Bogen and Dr. James Malouf, two restorative dental experts whose skills complement each other to provide for the best and most comprehensive endodontic care for patients in Kern County and beyond. There is truly no better place for Southern California residents can go to find a root canal dentist capable of achieving such successful results, while minimizing pain in the way that Dr. Malhotra strives to with each and every patient.