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Treatment for Cracked and Traumatized Teeth

Our teeth are surprisingly fragile. It doesn’t take much pressure to completely damage one or more teeth. You could have an accident during football practice that cracks a couple of teeth. Or maybe the dental pulp of your teeth gets infected. Whatever your reason for needing the best endodontist in Bakersfield, Kern Dental Specialties has the top dental team in the town to ensure you get the treatment you need with comfort and compassion.

Kern Dental Specialties works hard to ensure that your experience with us is as anxiety-free as possible. It’s already stressful enough to have tooth pain without adding undue drama. We provide efficient and gentle treatments for cracked teeth, dental pulp infection, traumatized teeth, and other root-related dental issues. Our facilities feature the latest in technology, which has evolved to make dental care more comfortable than ever before. If you’re looking for root canal or dental implants in Bakersfield, our skilled and friendly team of dental experts are happy to accommodate your needs.

One of the major perks of getting your Bakersfield dental implants or root canal with Kern Dental Specialties is our flexible office hours. Whether you need to make an appointment after usual hours because you can’t get off of work or if you have a same day emergency, we are dedicated to helping you. That’s part of the reason we’re the preferred endodontists for dentist, doctors, and their families all across the county. Call today to get started. Our friendly, skilled, and compassionate staff is looking forward to helping you.