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When a Dentist Needs a Dental Specialist…

You can be sure he or she is going to seek out the very best in their community, particularly when in need of an endodontist – a dental specialty calling for a great deal of skill, delicacy, and in-depth knowledge. That’s actually what happened when Bakersfield dentist Dr. Peter Bae found himself in a great deal of pain thanks to a posterior molar gone wrong. Dr. Bae chose to visit Kern Dental Specialties and Dr. Harry Malhotra, and he was glad he did.

“I know how difficult certain root canal procedures can be,” Dr. Bae told us, but the visit turned out to be an easy one, at least from the patient’s very important point of view. “I was very numb and very comfortable throughout the procedure,” This is crucial because, as most people are aware, endodontic procedures, more widely known as root canals, can be especially trying. However, when performed properly by an expert endodontist, a root canal is usually a surprisingly low-key experience. That’s why Dr. Bae, and countless other satisfied patients from all walks of life enthusiastically recommend Dr. Maholtra and Kern Dental Specialties for both endodontia and other types of Bakersfield/Kern County and Taft dental work.

Aside from his proficiency with regular root canal procedures, Dr. Maholtra also frequently performs surgical endodontics (apicoectomy) procedures, which can be used to salvage teeth when ordinary procedures are not sufficient. In many cases when patients are suffering from intense pain or other issues, the doctor is also able to perform procedures on an emergency basis. The doctor also performs surgery involving dental implants in Bakersfield at his office.

If you are in need of an endodontic specialist in the Kern County/Bakersfield area, Dr. Maholtra and Kern Dental Specialties just may be your best bet. The doctor and his staff look forward to hearing from you.